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De Koninck

First crowler machine at De Koninck City Brewery

Growler with a G

Until now, the most common container for taking away specialty beers in Belgium – including our brewery – was the growler. Slam one of these large, decorative refillable glass jugs on our bar and the barman will gleefully clean and fill it with one of our unique brews. Ideal for test brews or experimental beers that are only available on draft and/or from a limited number of cafés. Now, the growler has a new glass-free cousin: the crowler. Yes, we know, the inventors of these new oversize take-away cans could have put a bit more thought into the name. If only to avoid confusion!

Crowler with a C

Beer is not fond of UV radiation and definitely does not like oxygen. The crowler, however, offers excellent protection from both. The aluminium keeps the beer fresh and forms a robust barrier against light, oxygen and foreign odours and flavours. Beer stored in a crowler will stay fresh for up to several days. Once opened, however, you naturally need to drink it as quickly as possible.

Why not give it a try yourself? You can now have a crowler filled with your favourite specialty beer at our bar. A great gift idea for beer lovers during the festive season!