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Chinese cast & crew celebrate completion of filming at De Koninck City Brewery

Earlier this month, a Chinese camera crew spent around 10 days in Antwerp, filming for the TV series ‘Mr. Right’, one of the most popular TV programmes ever in  China. Part of the footage they came away with was recorded at De Koninck City Brewery. Yesterday, the cast and crew celebrated their last day of filming and naturally, they did so with “bollekes” De Koninck and Triple d’Anvers.

A 70-strong Chinese camera crew has been in Antwerp since the beginning of August, charged with the task of recording 3 episodes for the second season of the popular Chinese TV series, ‘Mr. Right’. The first season, featuring a dentist who gives relationship advice, attracted no fewer than 380 million viewers, making it China’s most-watched TV series ever. The episodes filmed in Antwerp therefore represent priceless media coverage for the city and for De Koninck City Brewery, which formed the backdrop to a number of scenes for the show’s second season.

Sven Dekleermaeker, Master Brewer at De Koninck: “We can already boast many a De Koninck fan here in Antwerp and our beers are drunk all over Flanders. We also attract many international tourists to our brewery each year. But the fact that we just played host to around 70 Chinese and that our beers will soon be in the limelight throughout all of China is something we can be very proud of. In addition to filming at the brewery, however, the cast and crew also took the opportunity to taste some of our brews. And our Triple d’Anvers proved to hit the spot and was very enthusiastically received.”

The summer of 2017 marks Duvel Moortgat’s 10th year in China. Vedett Extra White, Duvel and Liefmans are the most popular of Duvel Moortgat’s beers in China. Vedett Extra White is in fact responsible for the fact that wheat beer is currently the fastest-growing category within the Chinese beer industry.

Sean Harmon, General Manager at Duvel Moortgat China: “All of us here at Duvel Moortgat China were of course very enthusiastic about this unique collaboration with YiDa Media on the second season of the popular ‘Mr. Love’ TV series. This is an incredible opportunity to showcase Belgian beers in China, given that the show attracts hundreds of millions of viewers. Many of our Chinese colleagues are big fans of the show. We can’t wait to see these top Chinese actors drinking Duvel Moortgat beers on screen when the new season is released next year!”

Film producer, Jia Yiqun spent 2 years living in Antwerp as an exchange student and therefore found it the ideal location for the script under consideration. “The city has a special place in my heart. There is nowhere else in the world with so much passion and pride. Chocolate, beer and diamonds are also perfect symbols for the sweet, bitter and eternal nature of love.” Beer and chocolate were in any case available in abundance at the City Brewery, because the brewery’s very own Taste Maker & Chocolatier, Jitsk also made an appearance on camera. And even though there are not many diamonds to be found, there are litres and litres of liquid gold. “Even though we were here to work, we couldn’t possibly leave without tasting some of the brewery’s wares. As a result, our suitcases are now full of chocolate and bottles of Triple d’Anvers.”